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MRAS Security Services

MRAS is the main private security provider operating within the Kurdistan region of Iraq. 

MRAS is a leading security and risk management provider with offices throughout Iraq. Our security and consultancy divisions provide a comprehensive service covering all areas of both Kurdistan and Iraq, combining a proven track record and expertise that enables our clients to minimise risk and maximise opportunity.

With a network of offices, staff and contacts Iraq-wide we can provide detailed advice and support carefully tailored to the specific requirements of our clients as they explore the possibilities of extending their operations; as well as vital, dependable security and commercial insight once they are on the ground.

Security Convoys

Security Protection Teams

Facilities, Sites & Asset Security

Search Dogs & Handlers

We provide the support our clients need to inform their most important business decisions and we work to ensure that they have the very best protection for their staff and their investments.

MRAS involves clients from the very beginning of our business relationships to ensure that their needs are met in a manner that is relevant, thorough and cost effective. From start to finish, from planning to deployment, we treat organizations and individuals with discretion, loyalty and confidentiality, acting at all times within the framework of national and international laws. Our goal is to deliver an oustanding service, allowing those we are supporting and protecting to concentrate on their primary objectives.

MRAS explosive search dog handlers are experienced professionals in their field, using specialist trained dogs to search for and indicate on a wide range of military, commercially available and home made explosives.

MRAS employees primarily from either a Police or Military background, our teams can be deployed in most given locations to search proactively or defensively for explosive devices. We offer either a fully overt or covert service to our clients, with whom we work alongside in order to maintain the integrity of their assets and premises.

Our explosive search dogs are of the traditional breeds, such as Alsatians, Labradors and Spaniels. They are friendly and non-threatening in their appearance and are thoroughly assessed as to their temperament prior to deployment.

MRAS handlers can operate discreetly, prior to the arrival of dignitaries or the general public, securing an area in the interests of safety. They can also deploy in order to give a high visibility presence, with the intention of deterrent and the impression that security at your site is taken seriously.

Once searched and secure, our handlers will, at your request, remain on standby to deal professionally with unattended baggage and articles, minimising disruption and unnecessary call outs of the Police and Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams.

We are able to work alongside existing security and 'close protection' teams in a manner that will not hinder their operations, but will increase the safety of all involved, by conducting routine proactive and directed searches as required. 

              1. Risk Analysis
              2. Security Plans
              3. Intelligence
              4. Asset Protection
              5. Security Managers
              6. Manned Security Guards
              7. Security Teams
              8. Close Protection Security
              9. Search Teams
              10. Armoured vehicles
              11. Security Trained Drivers
              12. Vehicle Convoys
              13. Communication Systems
              14. Vehicle Tracking Systems