About MRAS Group

MRAS facilitates western business throughout Iraq, Kurdustan and the middle east. We are a privately owned commercial service company based in Kurdistan, Iraq. We are specialists in the delivery of consultancy and bespoke, custom-built service solutions. Our key objectives as an organisation is customer and employee satisfaction.

MRAS focuses on providing an exceptional level of service to a manageable number of customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none, and we aim to be a complete service partner for our clients, from initial consultancy and design phases right through to deployment and ongoing support services, such as construction design and logistical support.

MRAS are happy to undertake work on a fixed-price, fixed-timescale basis - so our customers can be confident of what they're getting when, and at what price. They can budget and plan their project strategy accurately, a luxury of which most commercial companies merely dream. In an industry where the majority of projects are delivered late or over-budget, this gives our customers (and us) a huge competitive advantage.

Finally, we offer genuine value for money to our clients. We believe the quality of our staff and service to be superior to almost all of the biggest and best names in the industry - many of whom charge fees at least two or three times that of MRAS. Our track record in these key areas has earned us both an impressive reputation and a loyal customer base who respect and trust us.

After customer satisfaction, MRAS's second key objective is employee satisfaction. A much overlooked fact in the business world is that one of the easiest ways to achieve the first objective is to focus on the second. We recruit only extremely able applicants as service providers and train up from there. All are top-class, highly motivated, team personnel. We provide a great working environment for our employees, with interesting and challenging work, ongoing training and mentoring and a good remuneration package and bonus's.

As a result, we have built up a team of enthusiastic, talented and experienced team members and consultants with extremely low staff turnover. This gives MRAS a clear return on the investment in our employees and allows us to offer our customers a consistency of staffing from which they also benefit.

Experienced, Stable Workforce

MRAS employees commitment, training and motivation to it's team which is second to none Iraq wide, with an average of 15 years experience throughout Iraq.

Financial Strength

MRAS has a profitable diversified global enterprise with more than $10 million in annual revenue and 15 years of experience in providing services inline with with western requirements. MRAS requires no upfront costs prior to commencing any client projects.

Flexible & Scalable

Specialists in quick change set up and highly adaptive business solutions, successfully providing our clients and customers with valued services all over Iraq.